Record naming has been improved and made editable

Throughout the Safefood 360 software there is an automatic record naming convention in place. And this system has served us well for the past years. However, it was time we took the second step with the naming of records.

  1. We’ve changed the naming of records from being based on the record type / module to be based on the program name.
  2. We’ve now allowed you to rename records

1. The new naming convention


Record Naming Before Record Naming Now
  • Internal Audit (1)
  • Internal Audit (2)
  • Internal Audit (3)
  • Internal Audit (4)
  • Annual GMP Audit (1)
  • Weekly Hygiene Audit (2)
  • FSSC 22000 Internal Audit (3)
  • Weekly Hygiene Audit (4)


As you can see. The new naming convention gives you much more information about the record content just by looking at the list. This change is reflected throughout the software wherever the record name appears.  So for example if you’re looking at a corrective action that came originally from an internal audit, the record name will immediately tell you which internal audit program we’re talking about.

2. Ability to rename records

As part of the update we also enabled the renaming of records. This opens up tons of useful opportunities.

  • You could add for example tags or keywords to the record name to allow you to find them faster
  • You could add dates to record names
  • You could add hints about the importance of the record

The new feature is found under the “Actions” menu. Just click “Rename” and you are able to change the name of the record.

We hope you enjoy these updates – and as always – we welcome your feedback!

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