HACCP, PCP & Food Safety Plans

HACCP is often the corner stone of a food safety management system or program. Creating all your HACCP  and PCP studies requires extensive resources, education and time, and maintaining the plans takes a lot of time.

Safefood 360° HACCP / PCP module allows you to create robust plans faster than ever before. The module is fully aligned with Codex principles.


  • Intuitive user interface and workflow
  • Fully aligned with Codex principles
  • HACCP study background details
  • Draw HACCP flow diagrams
  • Process step descriptions
  • Hazard analysis
  • One-click HACCP / PCP plan printed in USDA or Codex format
  • Built-in fully customizable hazard database

Detailed Hazard Analysis

Driven by the built-in hazard database, conduct robust and specific hazard identification followed by risk assessment using the embedded risk model and calculator. CCP determination is then conducted on significant hazards using the intelligent CCP decision tree. Just complete the CCP monitoring plan and you’re done.

Robust Hazard Database

The entire food safety system is supported by a unique and robust hazard database. All the main known biological, physical, chemical and allergen hazards are present and support specific hazard analysis. The database can be tailored and aligned to your products and processes.

HACCP Flow Diagrams

A built-in flowcharting tool makes creating HACCP flow diagrams quick and easy. There is no need for external tools such as Microsoft Visio or CAD. You can draw all diagrams, add icons and text, and highlight relationships between elements just like in any charting tool. The flow diagrams get automatically embedded in your ready HACCP plan.

One-click HACCP / PCP Plan

As you work your way through the hazard analysis for each step the system will automatically compile your HACCP Summary Plan. As you make changes and revisions to you HACCP study, the plan will also update.