Webinar On Demand: Getting to grips with the challenges of remote audits using Safefood 360°

Recent events have created a significant challenge for the global food industry in regard to certification, inspection, and regulation.

As external verification through physical auditing and inspection is becoming less practical, the industry has found itself struggling to maintain the certification and inspection framework.

Arguably, the industry was not prepared for the challenges of recent months with many businesses, regulation authorities, and certification bodies turning to digital technologies to bridge the current gap with varying degrees of effectiveness.

Available now to view on-demand is a demonstration of how the Safefood 360° platform offers a solution to these challenges by conducting full and effective remote audits that facilitate both the food business and external inspectors and certification companies.

The session, presented by Safefood 360°CEO George Howlett, also showcased the features of a SaaS platform that allows auditors to effectively and in real-time conduct their activities underscored by the principle of trust but verify.

This included:

  • Easy audit preparation using portals for the request and submission of pre-audit documentation and data
  • Conducting pre and full vertical audits in seconds
  • Remote sharing of the full compliance system with real-time access to all pertinent records, schedules, plans, and workflows
  • Utilization of photographic and video media to support objective evidence
  • Creating full self-assessments of food business suppliers based on standardized workflows and portal collaboration
  • Sharing the current and historical compliance status

For more details about using Safefood 360° to conduct audits and complying with legislation and global retailer and technical standards, click the button below to schedule a live product demonstration.

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