Coming Soon – Food Packaging FSM Solution

We will shortly be releasing our Food Packaging Solution based on the BRC Packaging and IFS PacSecure Standards. These standards address the specific management of hazards and risks to food associated with both primary and secondary food packaging. More and more food businesses are seeking to have their packaging suppliers certified under one of these schemes to create a common and seamless standard of compliance between the relevant parties. This is placing demands on packaging suppliers as food safety requirements may not have formed a core focus of their legacy system. These standards make sense for packaging suppliers since they provide very clear requirements and guidance on food safety risk management and controls.

Safefood 360° has developed a platform for the set up and maintenance of a management system against these standards. Over the years our professionals have set up systems for packaging manufactures and this experience has been added to the requirements of these standard to produce a robust solution containing all the usual benefits of Safefood 360°.

Get in touch if you would like to know more or if you have a packaging supplier who is currently certified or seeking certification under one of these standards.

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