The Ultimate FSMA Software for FSVP, PCP, & Food Defense

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Safefood 360° is an integrated software for FSMA

Food Safety Plan (HACCP / PCP)

Build your Preventive Control Plan in line with the FSMA requirements. Document and manage all your Preventive Controls.

Foreign Supplier Verification Programs

Complete set of tools for risk assessing materials & suppliers, selecting the right FSVP, approving suppliers, and more.

Food Defense Planning

Build your Food Defense Plan with our built-in plan template. Automatically calculated Food Defense score.

Foreign Supplier Verification Programs (FSVP)

FSMA fundamentally changes the way you need to manage your suppliers. Each material must now undergo detailed risk assessment, followed by a detailed verification program of control. This means a significant increase in the work required to manage suppliers.

Safefood 360° makes it easy to

fsma material control

Safefood 360° automates the process of risk assessing materials and suppliers using best practice workflows and configurable assessment criteria. This allows you to standardize the process and create an efficient, scalable and enduring solution.

FSMA determination tree for controls

Under FSMA you are obliged to determine the most appropriate verification program for your suppliers. This can be a daunting task given the complexity of the legislation. Safefood 360° in-built decision trees make this task simple.

fsma document

FSMA offers you various verification program options, including certification, auditing, and self-assessment. Establishing and maintaining these programs is a huge ongoing demand on resources. Safefood 360° offers a complete set of automated workflows that get the job done.

fsma document review

Safefood 360° offers Portals through which your suppliers are automatically notified to complete tasks, including uploading documents & certificates, online assessments, and responding to corrective actions. The software automatically manages the renewal of supplier data.

Food Safety Plan (PCP)

Your new Food Safety Plans will be conducted using the Preventive Control approach for risk assessments. Preventive Controls are documented and reviewed as was the practice for CCPs with HACCP.

Safefood 360° makes it easy to

pcp harpc plan with preventive controls summary

FSMA requires more than having a HACCP plan. Safefood 360° allows you to build all your necessary plans in one place and connect them with the rest of your food safety management system.

decide what preventive controls are required

Your Food Safety Plans can be linked to other modules in Safefood 360° where you can manage and document your Preventive Controls.

Food Defense

As a food producer you are now required to analyze hazards such as terrorism, sabotage and product tampering. At the core of this work is developing a Food Defense Plan. Safefood 360° brings all the tools together for building your food defense plan.

Safefood 360° makes it easy to

vulnerability assessment va

First step towards completing your food defense plan is conducting a Vulnerability Assessment. Safefood 360° provides you a ready framework for developing a robust VA.

fsma food defense plan

Use the built-in audit template for conducting your food defense audit.

fsma food defense score by area

After your audit the system will automatically calculate your food defense score.

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