Microbiological Control

Documenting and archiving microbiological food safety results is a major source of paper work in many food companies. Records are often kept in Excel and emailed here and there, making the organization and reporting on microbiological results difficult.

Safefood 360° allows you to set up all your microbiological testing programs in one place, configure limits, and access automatically generated reports. Laboratories can attach original results to the records with minimal work. The software module can replace any existing LIMS systems and integrate your microbiological results as a part of your food safety management system.


  • Set up all microbiological testing programs in one place
  • Define limits and configure testing programs to your needs
  • Laboratories can upload results directly to the module
  • Original results can be attached to the records easily
  • Receive alerts when failed results are logged
  • Automatic one-click reports help with analyzing trends