Business Process

Business Process module is a powerful module that allows you to design your own process flow. The module is perfectly integrated to the rest of your Safefood 360° system, which allows you to link the process records to other parts of your food safety management system.


  • Design your own process with unlimited process stages
  • Assign tasks, responsibilities
  • Use the optional approval workflow in your process stages
  • Collect records and attachments during the completion of the process and store them inline with the right task
  • Link tasks to other related records within in Safefood 360 or items in your intranet


  • Simplify complex processes
  • Allow your team to collaborate on the record in one central place
  • Collect all related documents, tasks, attachments and links to one process record

Example of how to use the module

  • Management of Change processes
  • New product development processes
  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP) as is required by standards like SQF
  • Complex reporting processes that take a long time to complete
  • etc.

Thanks to the fully configurable nature of this module, you can build almost any process into the module in a matter of minutes and start using it.