Show audit compliance without site visits

Remove barriers and give trust to your auditor without being on-site with remote, vertical, and supplier audits.


supplier auditing

Supplier Auditing

Audits may be conducted either online or by your auditing team on the ground. Checklists, scoring, and ratings are all configurable, while corrective actions can be managed directly with suppliers through the Supplier Portal.

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Vertical Audit Reports

Silo information and give access only to what the auditor needs without moving from their desk. Alternatively, share screen permission and guide them through the system. Suitable for customer and inspection agencies.

auditor trust

Medical Screening [Visitor & Return to Work]

Conduct private medical screening checks by allowing employees to autonomously complete return to work forms and send the results directly to Human Resources for review and approval.

generate reports

Generate Compliance & Risk Reports

Provide instant reports which give a comprehensive overview of changes since the last audit, saving time and resources.

auditor trust

Auditor Trust

Traditional audits require trust that standards are being maintained outside of the audit. As this trust erodes without the auditor visiting and seeing standards for themselves, the visual environment created by Safefood 360° returns this trust.

visual evidence

Remote Audit Compliant

Full compliance with SQF and BRCGS ICT requirements for gathering, storing,  processing, analyzing, demonstrating, and sharing information with auditors in real time.


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