Document Control

Document Control is a key to many quality and safety management systems. It is the home for all your plans, policies, SOP’s, and more.

For effective document control you need to be able to assign documents for different users to be approved, and manage version histories. You also want to preview documents without having to download them.

The Safefood 360° document control module integrates seamlessly as a part of your food safety management system, allowing you to embed your procedures and documents to be part of other food safety management modules where necessary.


  • Fully integrated document control: Fully integrated document control: A fully equipped document control facility that allows you to manage all key documents centrally and integrate them as part of your food safety management system. Documents from the Document Control module can be embedded in other programs and forms in Safefood 360°
  • Document Approval without chasing signatures: Safefood 360° automates the approval procedure for documents. As new documents are uploaded, employees assigned to approve the document will receive email notification, log in and approve the document for use. Users of the document can also be identified and automatically receive email notification whenever changes are made.
  • Automatically keep track of document versions: The document centre automatically handles the management of new versions and ensures only the appropriate pertinent version is available for reading. Older versions are automatically archived for reference.
  • Automatically timed document reviews: The software remembers when documents our out of date and need to be reviewed. An automatic document review workflow is triggered and the right person is notified without any extra effort.