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Safefood 360 Customer Story – Iman Casing

In March 2012 Iman Casing opened its doors to Safefood 360′s digital media crew to film the production of pure natural sausage casing. This short video provides fascinating insight into the manufacturing process and shows how three Syrian brothers have built Iman to be the premier casing supplier in Europe from their base on the […]

New Report Features – the truth about reporting

Let’s be honest for a moment! If you are a food safety manager, technologist or consultant responsible for maintaining a food safety system you will be familiar with the scenario whereby in the days leading up to your certification audit you engage in the almost masochistic exercise of catching up on months of reports and […]

New BRC Requirements for Cleaning

Just looking in more detail at the recent changes to the BRC Standard Issue 6 under Section 4.11 – Hygiene and Housekeeping. It appears the standard has essentially been updated to align with the requirements of the Tesco Technical Standard. In general this is something I have noticed with a significant number of the changes […]