Find answers to commonly asked questions about Safefood 360°. Talking to our support agent if you have more questions.

What is happening?

As part of our ongoing commitment to maintaining the highest possible standards of data security, the Safefood360 Team are introducing a new authenticationprotocol for all Safefood360 users. This means on Saturday 10 December, during the scheduled maintenance period, all Safefood360’s authentication serviceswill migrate to the Microsoft ADB2C cloud-based service.

What is the Microsoft ADB2C cloud-based service?

ADB2C stands for Azure Active Directory Business-to-Consumer. It is a widely used Microsoft cloud-based service that handles common authentication functionslike user account sign-up, login, and password reset for many consumer-facing applications.

What does this change mean for me?

Following the migration on Saturday 10 December, all users will have to re-login to Safefood360 using their existing username and password. Any sessions leftopen will be closed as part of the migration process. Please ensure that you save all changes before EOB on Friday 9 December.

You will also see some minor changes to the look & feel of the login pages when you login again. The attached user guide explains these differences.

Will my username and password still work?

Yes. Your existing username and password remain the same. If you can’t remember your password when you log in again, you can reset it using the ResetPassword link. The attached user guide explains the Reset Password function.

What about other user details like email address, phone number, and language settings – are these changing?

No, this change doesn’t affect your user profile information. Your email address, phone number and language setting are still on your profile.

I use Multi-factor / Two-factor authentication to login into Safefood360. Will that change?

If you have MFA/2FA set up, that will still work following this change.

After successfully entering your username and password, you can use an authenticator app, email, or phone (SMS or Call Me) to complete multi-factor authentication. This means that you can use a different authentication method than what you had previously if you choose to. The attached user guide explains how MFA/2FA works.

Will I be able to use Safefood360 on Saturday, 10 December, while this change is happening?

No. During 09h00 – 11h45 GMT // 04h00 – 06h45 EST on Saturday, 10 December, Safefood360 will be unavailable.

Other Questions

If you have other questions, please feel free to use the chatbot function by clicking the bottom right corner. Our support agents will be on hand to help. For product demo enquiry, please go to or request demo page, or go to contact us page if any comments on us.