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4 tactics for more effective risk communication

When I consult companies who are interested in the Food Safety Planning module (formerly known as HACCP), the most common question they have is, ‘Can your software help us make better risk assessments?’ The simple answer to this is yes, but let’s talk about something different for a change. There is one completely overlooked element […]

7 ways smart food safety software saves you money

Moving over from a manual system to advanced food safety software will make your life as Quality Manager easier and your work more enjoyable, but this is usually not enough to convince upper management to commit to investing and implementing a new system. Estimating the financial impact of such systems is complex because you need to look […]

Introducing Discussions – an email integration for Safefood 360°

After releasing the new Business Process module at the end of last year, we’re extremely pleased to let you know that our pace is not slowing down. We’re introducing a new module called “Discussions” and we’re betting it’s going to revolutionise the way you are able to conduct investigations and manage discussions between your team members. What […]

GlobalGAP Version 5 checklists available in Safefood 360°

We’re more than pleased to inform our users about the addition of GlobalGAP Integrated Farm Assurance (Version 5) checklists into our system checklists. Altogether, there are 140 checklists to choose from depending on the type of operation you run, and you can easily include them in your Internal Audit programs by following this advice. Example: Configuring […]

The Utilities menu will change later this week

Heads up! This week we are releasing an update that will introduce a small change in the Utilities menu of Safefood 360°. What is changing? We’ve used the same menu structure since many years, but now we felt that it was time to break the Utilities menu into two parts. The old Utilities menu was starting to get extremely long […]