Glass and Hard Plastic Control


  1. Effective Glass and Hard Plastic Control System
  2. GFSI Requirement for Glass and Plastic Control
  3. Glass and Hard Plastic Control Policy and Procedure
  4. New Equipment
  5. The Register
  6. The Audit
  7. Glass and Hard Plastic Breakage

1. Effective Glass and Hard Plastic Control System

The production of food products by its very nature presents the risk of contamination from a large variety of sources. These can be both intrinsic and extrinsic in nature and in the majority of cases it is not possible to completely eliminate all hazards. Instead our objective is to reduce the risk to an acceptable level. This allows for both the safe and economic production of food. The procedures, activities and tasks we perform to achieve this come under the general heading of food safety management and within this are a number of established control procedures designed to address common hazards. Foreign body hazards are widely recognised as potential food safety issues including glass, hard plastic, wood, metal, paper, string, tape, maintenance debris and personal effects.

Glass and hard plastic present particular difficulties given their nature and prevalence in food operations. These materials can often be transparent and difficult to detect when present in food. Hard plastic is used widely in food production equipment and machinery and can be subject to damage, wear and tear. Glass and hard plastic is a major contributor to injury when consumed in the product. They can result in claims and on occasion litigation. These and other factors require glass and hard plastic to be eliminated from food production areas where possible. Where this is not practicable control must be exercised over these materials to ensure the risk of contamination is reduced to an acceptable level.

An effective glass and hard plastic control system will normally comprise the following elements:

  • Glass and hard plastic policy
  • Glass and hard plastic risk assessment
  • Glass and hard plastic control procedure
  • New equipment assessment and risk reduction
  • Glass and hard plastic register
  • Glass and hard plastic audit program
  • Glass and hard plastic breakage procedure

The above elements are also required to meet the specific requirements of the multiple food retailers and other customers. The system is focused on identifying, eliminating, reducing or protecting all glass and hard plastic in the operation that may present a risk.

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