An Integrated Solution Designed For Your Food Safety Management And Supplier Management Needs


Innovative Software

Innovative Food Safety Software Designed for the vomplete oversight of your Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Plan

Safefood 360 combines power, scalability, speed and efficiency with the insight provided by food safety domain expertise. It integrates food safety, supplier quality, and compliance management in one cloud-based platform. It is designed to manage your HACCP and PCP plans, present information in intuitive dashboards and reports, and provide the best principles on preventive controls for food safety controllers. Safefood 360 offers over 35 modules – creating an audit-ready working environment for any GFSI-recognized standard. Our best-in-class software, engineered to run in the cloud from inception, is backed by Microsoft and utilises the Windows Azure platform for a global network of high-performance data centres. The interface is developed using pure ASP, XHTML, and JavaScript – requiring no third-party plug-ins – allowing software access from various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android.

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Domain Expertise

Designed by Food Experts to
support your Food Safety and Supplier Quality Compliance

Setting us apart from other compliance software companies, we understand the need for high-quality software to ensure compliance and continue to bring their expertise to the food safety industry. Customers can manage their food safety, supplier scorecards and risk assessment into one platform. With a separate supplier portal, we provide you with a clear, intuitive workflow design for your supplier auditing, assessment and view of your performance at a glance. Our domain expertise allows for up-to-date and forward-thinking software capabilities built for the food industry and catering to your business needs.

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Change Your Food Business Runs Smoothly And So Does Our Support Team to Realize Your ROI

Unlike other providers, our Professional Services team will work with you to ensure you get the most value from the platform. They will ensure your implementation is managed smoothly. They consultancy in line with best practices and the latest standard requirements, manage the software implementation for you so that you can focus on your daily operations while we enhance your food safety management processes. Through your journey with Safefood 360°, our team will work with you to keep you updated on our continuous improvements and upgrades. Our customer service is ready on web chat for any immediate assistance.

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Safefood 360°, built by a group of food safety experts in 2010, is designed to tackle the real difficulties facing food-related industries by combining Food Safety Management and Supplier Quality Management Solutions with over 35 pre-set modules – creating a fast, secure, and audit-ready working environment.