Safefood 360 Master Data Import Service

1. Import of Master Data

1.1. Completion of Workbook

1.2. Submission of Workbook

2. Bulk Upload of Documents

2.1. Preparation of documents

  1. Create a folder on your desktop called “Bulk Upload”.
  2. Inside this folder, you can add your sub-folders and files. Usually by simply copying and pasting from their current location. Note that you can add sub-folders within sub-folders as deep as you want. Please ensure that there are no zipped folders within the submitted compressed file as these will not be uploaded if submitted.
  3. Once this is complete you can then Zip the “Bulk Upload” folder (Right Click on folder, then Send To – Compressed Folder).
  4. This will add a single zipped file on your desktop called “Bulk”.

2.2. Secure transfer of zip file for import

  1. Go to
  2. In the box on the left click ‘Add Files’ and select the “Bulk” file from your desktop.
  3. And the email address.
  4. Optionally enter your own email address if you want to be notified when the file is downloaded by Support.
  5. In the message box type the name of your Safefood 360 Site where the Documents will be uploaded.
  6. Hit the transfer button. The transfer may take some time depending upon the size of your file. Please don’t close the window until instructed.
  7. Once the file is received Customer Support will ensure that the bulk upload request is legitimate before proceeding.
  8. Your bulk upload will typically be completed within a week of submission and you will be notified by email.

Note that the large file transfer service is operated by a third party and not by Safefood 360. We do not accept any responsibility for this services security protocols, however we are satisfied from the public information available that they appropriately encrypt data in transit and at rest and therefore their security is of the minimum standard expected for a service of this nature. If you would prefer not to use this service then contact your account manager to have your data securely shipped to us on CD/Memory Key.