How to Fill in the Master Data Worksheet

In this article you will learn:

What is a Master Data upload?

A Master Data Upload is the process of collecting all the information necessary for building programs and records in different modules within Safefood 360°. The Master Data workbook, once completed, is uploaded to the Safefood 360° system. These building blocks are then used when creating different plans or programs in Safefood 360°. A successful and well planned Master Data upload will greatly reduce the effort when creating all your programs with Safefood 360°.

If you have not already done so, please download the Master Data workbook here.

If you require the SQM master data workbook click here. This would be used only when you have purchased the Supplier Quality Management Solution.

When completing the Master Data workbook you will see a tab called Causes and a tab called Nonconformances. If you require examples of these in order to complete your workbook, click here to access an excel document with examples of nonconformances and causes.

How to complete the Master Data Workbook