Watch: Safefood 360° Risk Product Launch

October 26, 2021/by Barry O'Neill

Announcing Safefood 360° RISK: A new era in risk data tools and horizon scanning

September 22, 2021/by George Howlett

Product Update: Traceability Reports for Product and Material Vertical Audits

February 12, 2021/by Barry O'Neill

Introducing Monitoring 2.0

January 14, 2021/by Barry O'Neill

COVID-19 Food Safety Guidance Checklist now available

April 24, 2020/by Admin

Introducing the self-service reporting tool, the freedom to create bespoke reports on all your food safety data

December 18, 2019/by Admin

Introducing the new Supplier Quality Management Solution

July 1, 2019/by Admin

Introducing My Actions: Quick & full oversight of your Actions

February 18, 2019/by Admin

How Safefood 360° helps with the changing Canadian Food Safety regulations

January 15, 2019/by Admin

Introducing Supplier & Material Views and Scorecards

January 25, 2017/by Barry O'Neill

Improvements to Assessment Workflows in Supplier Control

January 25, 2017/by Barry O'Neill

Structural Enhancements in Supplier Control

January 25, 2017/by Barry O'Neill

HACCP module will be renamed to Food Safety Plan

March 21, 2016/by Admin

Introducing Discussions – an email integration for Safefood 360°

January 20, 2016/by Admin

GlobalGAP Version 5 checklists available in Safefood 360°

November 3, 2015/by Admin

The Utilities menu will change later this week

October 21, 2015/by Admin

The food safety updates feed in our software is now fully personal

October 8, 2015/by Admin

Attach PDF copy of the record to your alert emails

September 29, 2015/by Admin

Linking materials and risk assessments to your HACCP plan

September 24, 2015/by Admin

Boost your food safety monitoring with file upload capability

August 24, 2015/by Admin

An improved way to manage supplier complaints

August 11, 2015/by Admin

New module coming soon: Business Process will help you standardize and harmonize your processes

July 23, 2015/by Admin

Create the perfect audit trail by linking any records together

July 22, 2015/by Admin

Start using custom decision trees in your HACCP plans

April 16, 2015/by Admin

Safefood 360° opens a portal for software developers

April 8, 2015/by Admin

Record naming has been improved and made editable

March 29, 2015/by Admin

Major updates to Document Control

March 23, 2015/by Admin

A new tool brings you the power of custom reports and KPIs

March 18, 2015/by Admin

Allow users to complete cleaning records only if they have taken the required training

February 13, 2015/by Admin

Document folders are now completely flexible

February 7, 2015/by Admin

One user can now have multiple privacy roles

February 4, 2015/by Admin

Automatic scheduling of management reviews available

January 28, 2015/by Admin

Start tracking your most common root cause types

January 26, 2015/by Admin

Customisable Risk Assessment models available in the HACCP module

January 22, 2015/by Admin

New tool allows you to source a standard list of documents from each supplier

January 20, 2015/by Admin

Audit Management Solution now live

October 30, 2014/by Admin

New solutions for Supplier Quality Management, HACCP Management, Auditing & Hygiene Management

September 24, 2014/by Admin

Include automatically filled timestamps in your monitoring programs

August 28, 2014/by Admin

User guide has been updated

August 28, 2014/by Admin

Major platform upgrade imminent

July 29, 2014/by Admin

Checklists Updates: SQF Modules Expanded & Coles Standard Introduced

July 29, 2014/by Admin

Respond to customer complaints with ready templates

June 30, 2014/by Admin

Organize your data with folders

June 30, 2014/by Admin

The Finnish Oiva-grading system and Safefood 360°

June 27, 2014/by Admin

Major Data Import improvements for customers

May 30, 2014/by Admin

Finnish added to growing list of supported languages

May 30, 2014/by Admin

Some recent improvements to Cleaning Module

May 30, 2014/by Admin

User Guide Is Being Improved

May 28, 2014/by Admin

3 useful checklist functionality updates

April 28, 2014/by Admin

Contacts module now integrated with Google Maps

April 28, 2014/by Admin

Power tip – you can now copy and paste programs in Safefood 360°

April 28, 2014/by Admin

Customer support just got snappier!

April 28, 2014/by Admin

Revamped role based access and permissions system is now live

April 28, 2014/by Admin

Coming Soon – Food Packaging FSM Solution

March 11, 2014/by Admin

The Rebirth of Supplier Control in Safefood 360°

March 5, 2014/by Admin

Several new Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) checklists added

December 8, 2013/by Admin

New checklist available for TS ISO 22002

December 7, 2013/by Admin

New checklist: PrimusGFS

December 4, 2013/by Admin

Unveiling the new user interface

November 22, 2013/by Admin

SQF Training Register

November 7, 2013/by Admin

Tesco Technical Standard V5 Checklists

November 6, 2013/by Admin

Introducing Woolworths WQA Checklists

October 14, 2013/by Admin

Bright horizons ahead for Supplier Control in Safefood 360°

October 11, 2013/by Admin

Introducing Support Credits

October 7, 2013/by Admin

Alerts now support Push Notifications

September 6, 2013/by Admin

Announcing ‘Report Manager’

September 5, 2013/by Admin

New feature “Alerts” will keep you updated

August 14, 2013/by George Howlett

New Batching Module Launched

May 11, 2013/by Admin

New Monitoring Center Launched

April 2, 2013/by Admin

Introducing Live Updates..

March 7, 2013/by Admin

SQF Code Edition 7 Launched

June 14, 2012/by Admin

Management Review Module covers all review requirements

June 13, 2012/by Admin

Relax! Scheduled Reporting has arrived…

June 10, 2012/by Admin

New Report Features – the truth about reporting

April 13, 2012/by Admin

New BRC Requirements for Cleaning

April 12, 2012/by Admin