Comparison of Safeood360° And Other Food Safety Management Solutions

There are a lot of food safety management solutions out there, and choosing the most suitable one can be overwhelming when you need to take care of your business. We are here to ease your selection to find the best one.

Software Overview

Due to the expected crisis and situations happening, stabilising food production and supply chain becomes much more difficult. Each procedure, whether inspection, audit, food processing, supplier risk evaluation, or predictive operation, becomes serious when the current system cannot take care of them. This page will help you determine what’s best for you and how to evaluate your current software’s efficiency.

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Supplier Quality Management (SQM)




Trace Gains





Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Qualification and Onboarding

Supplier List Management

Risk Based Assessments

Supplier Auditing

Incoming Material Inspection

Supplier non-conformance

Supplier Corrective Action

Supplier Documentation

Supplier Portals

Supplier Scorecard / Rating

Supplier Compliants

Supply Chain Mapping

Supply Chain Mapping

Risk Assessments and Management

Risk Modelling

Reporting, Analytics, BI and Dashboards

BI Solution

Data Analytics

Set User Dashboards

Custom Report Service

Enterprise Features


Technical Features



ERP Integration

Transaction data from 3rd party via API

Export to Excel

Electronic Signature

Audit Trail

Single Signon

CRF 21 Validated Solution

Document Control

Approval, distribution and archiving

Product Specifications

Product Specification Management (Doc)

Product Life Cycle Management

Solution Provided

Change Management

Change Management Process

Monitoring & Monitoring Technology

Quality and Operational Records

Temperature Time Monitoring / Data Logging

Wireless / Bluetooth


Domain Expertise

Domain Expertise

Cloud Platform

Mobile Offline Platform / Features