What are the most important food safety KPI’s and reports for you? – Tell me your answer here!

We are always pushing the boundaries of what food safety management software can do and one of the major areas of development in this area relates to reporting, dashboards and KPI’s. As we are trying to envision the future of food safety management software we’d love to hear your feedback about the way you work with reports and KPI’s and what is important for you as quality manager, general manager or food safety officer. What are the things you need to track? What would be your dream report look like? Let us know your thoughts and you will have the chance to make an impact on the future of food safety management software.


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  1. Julie Smith
    Julie Smith says:

    Dashboards and reporting systems are only as good as the data input. Where they extract data automatically this is fine and time-saving but it is interpretation of data that is key rather than presentation. Where a company has cost in mind 100%, little or no value will be attached to dashboard reporting from a Technical view. Where a company has cost 100% in mind, reporting from a production point of view so they can understand where downtime has occurred etc. is key.

    • Lassi Eronen
      Lassi Eronen says:

      Hi Julie, thanks for the feedback!

      That’s a really good point – typically its the cost related KPIs that matter the most to management in the end. It’s actually an interesting idea that as a quality manager you might be able to have more influence over the upper management if you could link food safety data more strongly to economic data. Unfortunately it’s not that easy.. until the recall happens of course.



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