If you’re running a global food business you should invest in a world class food safety management system

You can finally harmonize and align your corporate food safety systems across the business group

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Deploy globally..

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Typical challenges of enterprise food businesses

  • Increasing Costs

    Maintaining a global food safety management system on paper, Excel and other inefficient software platforms can cost you millions in unnecessary overheads and product failures every year. Safefood 360° allows you to concentrate all site, business unit and group systems in one common platform resulting in significant savings.

  • Fragmented Local Systems

    A common challenge of large enterprise food businesses is the lack of standardization across their food safety systems in local plants. Projects attempting to address this through standard software solutions typically fail. Safefood 360° is a proven web-based solution which makes it easy for business group to quickly roll out systems, workflows and best practice corporate wide. The system can be deployed globally and managed centrally.

  • Lot’s of data - but no oversight

    Enterprise food businesses by their nature generate significant amounts of data which needs to be managed. Much of this data is used for compliance but it’s value in terms of business process oversight and improvement is seldom realised. Safefood 360° provides a platform which allows you to both manage the compliance data and drive improvement based on solid reporting.

Some areas where we can help you


We can help you standardize your systems and processes across the business group

Reports & Alerts

We can help you automate and streamline reporting and create automatic alerts

Food Safety Culture

Setting up Safefood 360° creates a change in culture towards better food safety.

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