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Announcing Safefood 360° RISK: A new era in risk data tools and horizon scanning

We are excited to announce the launch of the first in a series of new risk data tools which we will be rolling out in the coming months and will change how food businesses interact with data. Safefood 360° (SF360°) Risk is an entry-level, line-of-sight risk data tool that uses Big Data sources to provide […]

Where now for HACCP?

Those working in the field of food safety management for any length of time will be familiar with the story of HACCP. In the 1960’s a US President by the name of John F Kennedy thought it would be a good idea to send three men in a hermetically sealed can, measuring 12 feet in […]

The Power of the Big Picture

When it comes to mentioning the names of great modern leaders one that does not immediately come to mind is Gene Kranz. For me this is a shame since I believe he has a lot to teach us when it comes to understanding Compliance and Risk. For those hearing his name for the first time, Gene […]

Announcing the new Risk Assessment Modelling (RAM) tool

Safefood 360° are proud to announce the launch of our new Risk Assessment Modelling (RAM) tool. This new addition to our world-class compliance management software will, for the first time, open up the possibility for food businesses to conduct Risk Assessment exactly as they wish and against international best practice. RAM will allow you to […]

What is the best Supplier Quality Management System for foreign suppliers under FSMA?

The introduction of the FSMA requirements for suppliers, both domestic and foreign, has introduced a very prescriptive set of control measures, actions and requirements for companies. This includes specific requirements for material types, such as produce and LACF, etc. This is leading to a situation where some companies are being forced to set their Supplier […]

The Food Safety Management Framework Schematic

Food Safety Management is an emerging profession. For those seeking a career in the area it can often be confusing to understand the true nature of what it means to be a food safety manager. The framework illustrates the sometimes complex nature of this new profession. A food safety professional on a good day needs […]

Unlocking Control Measures in Food Safety

When is a CCP not a CCP? When it’s a PRP, oPRP, CP, QCP or QSP to name a few. Our growing dedication to coming up with new and increasingly obscure acronyms to describe control measures in food safety has arguably led to a state of confusion in the community almost to the point where […]