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Was FSMA a failure?

January 2021 was an important month in the United States. With all the chaotic events that occurred in Washington D. C., it might have been easy to miss the fact that January 2021 was the 10 year anniversary of President Obama signing FMSA into law. I have written several blogs in the last number of […]

What happens when you get it wrong

Bob didn’t even get a chance to have a sip of coffee before he noticed the blinking red light on his phone indicating that a voice message was waiting for him. As he moved papers around his desk he entered his password into his phone and started reviewing the messages from the weekend. The first […]

The potential impacts of FSMA on the GFSI Scheme

In the 90’s, the food industry was rocked by one food safety crisis after another, such as BSE, Dioxin, and Listeria. Consumer confidence was effectively in the tank, and food companies were becoming desperate for help. The world’s leading food safety experts from manufacturing, retail, and food service, as well as service providers from within […]

Will Donald Trump change FSMA?

Donald Trump recently surprised not only the skeptics, but his ardent supporters (and quite possibly, even himself) by winning the recent US presidential election. While there is a significant amount of people concerned with what the future holds with Trump leading the nation, it’s no surprise that companies within the food industry are questioning what […]