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The role and importance of standards in modern food safety

Without food safety confidence in what we produce and consume can quickly become a Gordian knot and our global supply chains would likely come to an impassable halt. In previous blogs, we’ve explored high-level questions such as why FSMA is necessary, how it might affect the GFSI, and even how the original need for HACCP […]

Was FSMA a failure?

January 2021 was an important month in the United States. With all the chaotic events that occurred in Washington D. C., it might have been easy to miss the fact that January 2021 was the 10 year anniversary of President Obama signing FMSA into law. I have written several blogs in the last number of […]

What is the ‘New Normal’ for Food Safety?

In 2001, I remember thinking that life in the United States would never again be the same as it was prior to September of that year. Sure enough with the turn of time, the term ‘food defense’ quickly entered the public vernacular as new standards began to materialize governing food security and vulnerability was common […]

Understanding the FDA “New Era for Smarter Food Safety Blueprint”

By now you have likely heard that the FDA is introducing some new changes that will affect how businesses in the United States will perceive, process, and demonstrate food safety compliance. I know what you may be thinking, that this all sounds familiar and have we even finished the most recent overhaul? It’s important to […]

What makes for effective pet food supplier management?

Whether I’ve stood beside one child who was saying goodbye to their pet chameleon, or I was standing with another child as we paid our last respects to a pet guinea pig, one thing I knew for sure is that pets are not simply “just pets” – they are part of the family and, as […]

Blockchain: A miracle or mirage for food safety supply chains?

Although some time has passed, last year’s SQF 2018 Conference in Atlanta, Georgia is still ringing in my mind. Like many of the attendees and exhibitors I left the conference with a rejuvenated sense of focus and intensity with regards to improving the state of food safety not just here in North America, but around […]

Why leafy green recalls keep occurring and what can be done about it?

Another year, another leafy green recall. As Yogi Berra once said, it’s like Déjà vu all over again. If it seems like you’ve heard this news before it’s because you have. In fact, according to the team over at Barfblog, you’ve heard it more than 40 times over the past 20 years. Unfortunately for all, […]

Why Supplier Approval Programs Require Intelligence

The older that I get, the more that I realize I have started to become the person that I never wanted to be. One that tells stories that start with “When I was your age….”. All too often I find myself telling one of my children a story that begins with that phrase, only to […]

What happens when you get it wrong

Bob didn’t even get a chance to have a sip of coffee before he noticed the blinking red light on his phone indicating that a voice message was waiting for him. As he moved papers around his desk he entered his password into his phone and started reviewing the messages from the weekend. The first […]

The potential impacts of FSMA on the GFSI Scheme

In the 90’s, the food industry was rocked by one food safety crisis after another, such as BSE, Dioxin, and Listeria. Consumer confidence was effectively in the tank, and food companies were becoming desperate for help. The world’s leading food safety experts from manufacturing, retail, and food service, as well as service providers from within […]

Will Donald Trump change FSMA?

Donald Trump recently surprised not only the skeptics, but his ardent supporters (and quite possibly, even himself) by winning the recent US presidential election. While there is a significant amount of people concerned with what the future holds with Trump leading the nation, it’s no surprise that companies within the food industry are questioning what […]