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7 most unsafe fictional foods to produce (from a food safety compliance perspective)

Every day, leading food businesses around the world utilize Safefood 360° to ensure the quality of the food and beverages they are producing are compliant with all major global retailer and technical standards. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of our favourite movies and tv shows where Safefood 360° does not exist to […]

Introducing Supplier & Material Views and Scorecards

With increasing demands being placed on businesses to control Suppliers and Materials, Safefood 360° is pleased to announce its latest updates to help save our customers time and give them the information they need where they need it. What has changed?  The new Supplier View is accessed whenever a user clicks on a Supplier or […]

Improvements to Assessment Workflows in Supplier Control

We have added three new stages to the Assessment Workflow in the Supplier Control module. These changes will better align the Assessment Workflows with the requirements of FSMA and other international standards. The new and improved Assessment Workflow will apply to both Supplier Assessments and Material Assessments, which means both Assessments will be conducted using […]

Structural Enhancements in Supplier Control

Because of the new capabilities introduced into the Assessment Workflow, Safefood 360° now has a powerful Record which allows users to conduct any type of Assessment upon a Supplier or a Material, including assessing the Risk of that Supplier or Material. This means that there are several Records in the Supplier Control module which will […]

Interview: Lynn Buck, SQF Practitioner of the Year 2016

This year’s SQF conference saw the coming together of almost 1,000 SQF individuals to share knowledge and skills in order to strengthen the food safety and quality programs of businesses all throughout the United States, and indeed the rest of the world. We were delighted to hear that Safefood 360° master user Lynn Buck, SQF […]

What I’ve learned so far by working at Safefood 360°

As a self-confessed newbie to the company I’ve been wetting my feet in all areas of the industry since joining. But while I’m new to Safefood 360° it would be disingenuous to say I’m new to food management, safety, or services. My family has a history of working in the bread industry and I was […]

Glass & Plastic control – How to avoid recalls

Several major companies have had to quietly recall products due to a potential presence of glass pieces. Although no injuries have been reported the number of brands affected show the damage and chaos that a recall can cause. In light of these recent events we thought it would be good to revisit the topic of […]

FSMA checklists available in Safefood 360° software

We see a lot of companies struggling with the upcoming FSMA legislation in the U.S. One of the main reasons for this is the sheer volume of new rules – it is hard to know where to even start reading. So we decided to do what we usually do at Safefood 360° – do that […]