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March 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

Global headlines this month have been dominated by the spread and effects of Covid-19. Causing issues beyond public health, the consequences of the Coronavirus have permeated into almost all facets of society and are still very much ongoing. With many food businesses facing unprecedented levels of demand for their products while faced with the new […]

COVID-19 Food Safety Update

On March 11th the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 Coronavirus a pandemic. Originating from China towards the end of 2019, the continued growth of this specific strain of Coronavirus has seen it quickly spread from the city of Wuhan in Hubei province to more than 180 countries, affecting more than 340,000 people and […]

February Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

As the coronavirus Covid-19 spreads further across the globe, its affect on the global food supply chain is, as yet, largely unfelt. However, February was not a quiet month elsewhere with significant news concerning the estimates of foodborne illness in the UK, UK trade post Brexit with the USA, FDA publishing final draft guidance on […]

How to build and structure a robust food safety compliance system

From leafy greens to pet food and everything in between, too often these days it seems as though recalls and issues for food safety issues are growing in frequency. One may argue that as we are becoming more aware of these events in this interconnected ‘Information of Things’ era our hyper-vigilance is moving us towards […]

November Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

November 2019 saw significant market changes between China, Canada and the United States, calls for increased sustainability from the UK government and significant moves from Malayasia to ensure palm oil exports remain compliant ahead of predicted EU changes in demand, as well as important news from the FDA concerning FSMA accredited laboratories and Co-Manufacturer Supplier […]

September Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

September 2019 was a busy month around the world involving significant market updates from Canada, China, Japan and the US, including new legislation in the UK and the FDA announcing public meetings and updating its free to use food defense builder tool, amongst many other stories. The industry round-up is accompanied with a transcript and […]

How to convince management to approve my ticket for Connect 360°

From networking with your peers to getting insight from industry leaders, there are many benefits to attending conferences, but it can be difficult to discern what makes a conference truly different and worth the investment to attend. With this in mind, it can often be a challenge persuading management that your attendance at a conference […]

July – Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

July 2019 saw the introduction of the new FSMA rule for Intentional Adulteration, a revision of SQF Edition 8,  a ground-breaking trade deal between EFSA and Mercosur, the detection of African Swine Fever within Europe, a Codex promise to tackle E.coli, and much more. Each of these stories are distilled by their most crucial talking […]

June – Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

June saw many important updates from the FDA, EFSA, the UK, Netherlands and Ireland. Each of these stories are highlighted in the industry round-up below and are accompanied by a full transcript and links for further detailed reading. FDA Updates Published Draft Guidance for Produce Safety Rule Requirements The FDA published draft guidance which will […]

Learning from the past to avoid future food safety mistakes

Recently, I set myself an ambitious goal and decided to hike Hadrian’s Wall. If you don’t know what that means, in 122 AD Hadrian, the then Emperor of Rome, set out to draw a concrete line in his empire and cement his legacy by building a wall that would mark the edge of the Roman […]

April 2019 – Food Safety Industry Moments You Might Have Missed

We are pleased to bring you a video update highlighting key industry moments you may have missed earlier in the month from across the globe. Each of these videos will be accompanied with a transcript and supporting resources where pertinent, as well as sources for further information, and more detailed reading. FDA routine Intentional Adulteration […]

7 most unsafe fictional foods to produce (from a food safety compliance perspective)

Every day, leading food businesses around the world utilize Safefood 360° to ensure the quality of the food and beverages they are producing are compliant with all major global retailer and technical standards. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for some of our favourite movies and tv shows where Safefood 360° does not exist to […]