Entries by Barry O'Neill

January 2021 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

The year began with a reassessment of priorities from the FDA and new goals and objectives set from the European Union. While the UK has taken significant measures on its own exerting its post-Brexit autonomy, the EU drives closer links with China to create a safer infant food supply chain. All these and more are […]

Introducing Monitoring 2.0

One of the biggest issues most food companies have is what to do with the massive amounts of data that they collect from their food safety management systems. For many, much of this data is collected in the form of paper and excel. In an average hour of operations, they must capture a copious amount […]

December 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

Each month we deliver the industry round-up collecting the most significant events from around the world that are likely to affect our industry, food safety, and how we approach compliance. Our preference is not to center attention during this segment on Safefood 360°, our customers, or indeed any individual business unless the event is significant […]

November 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

In November the FDA provided clarity on its proposed rule for food traceability while by issuing multiple resources, the FAO issued guidance for risk-ranking at the national level and the governments of Australia and New Zealand considered the first changes to its shared regulatory system in more than 30 years. Read on for more.   […]

October 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

History was made in October 2020 as the United Nation’s World Food Programme was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Outside of a thoroughly well-deserved commendation the wider industry saw multiple other points of note with the release of SQF Edition 9, updates from the BRCGS on audit options, and the FDA seeking closer alignment for […]

September 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

In September 2020, the FDA have moved to expand the scope of its New Era of Smarter Food Safety while similar initiatives from the European Commission and the World Health Organization seek to increase improvements on coca sustainability and foodborne disease estimates. Read on for more.   FDA announce new rule for traceability The FDA […]

August 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

Following what may come to be regarded as one of the most important months in the history of food safety, August was a month where significant news could arguably be expected to be seen as trivial in comparison. However, with updates from the WHO on its global food safety strategy, the European Commission recognizing food […]

July 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

July 2020 may come to be regarded as a landmark month in the history of food safety as it saw important updates from various stakeholders which will have immediate and long reaching impacts on how food safety practices are enforced and demonstrated. Both the SQFI and BRCGS made changes to their respective standards concerning the […]

June 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

With lockdowns easing globally most public-facing businesses have reopened in partial or full capacities depending on the local legislation. It is now apparent that the food industry has been considerably affected from these events and will likely face effects and learnings from this event in the coming months and years. During the month of June, […]

May 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

The monthly industry round-up seeks to compile updates concerning events that affect the overall industry each month. May 2020 continued a trend of unprecedented events in response to the public health crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19. So far during the global response to this pandemic, we have typically sought to focus the articles compiled […]

Introducing E-book: Food Safety Oversight and Remote Working Challenges

The operational landscape for many businesses has changed with more food businesses now producing at increased levels of operational risk. A recent survey showed that more than 80% of food businesses are now facilitating remote work for food safety practices, while 60% of compliance departments are new to remote working. Compliance people, who are now […]

April 2020 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

April 2020 was an unprecedented month in history as much of the globe’s economy came to a halt as measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 grew. The ramifications of these actions have affected all industries, including essential services such as the food industry. As these consequences develop, below is a snapshot of some of […]