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May 2020 Food Safety News Industry Round-Up

The monthly industry round-up seeks to compile updates concerning events that affect the overall industry each month. May 2020 continued a trend of unprecedented events in response to the public health crisis caused by the Coronavirus COVID-19. So far during the global response to this pandemic, we have typically sought to focus the articles compiled […]

Introducing E-book: Food Safety Oversight and Remote Working Challenges

The operational landscape for many businesses has changed with more food businesses now producing at increased levels of operational risk. A recent survey showed that more than 80% of food businesses are now facilitating remote work for food safety practices, while 60% of compliance departments are new to remote working. Compliance people, who are now […]

COVID-19 Food Safety Update

On March 11th the World Health Organization officially declared the COVID-19 Coronavirus a pandemic. Originating from China towards the end of 2019, the continued growth of this specific strain of Coronavirus has seen it quickly spread from the city of Wuhan in Hubei province to more than 180 countries, affecting more than 340,000 people and […]

November Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

November 2019 saw significant market changes between China, Canada and the United States, calls for increased sustainability from the UK government and significant moves from Malayasia to ensure palm oil exports remain compliant ahead of predicted EU changes in demand, as well as important news from the FDA concerning FSMA accredited laboratories and Co-Manufacturer Supplier […]