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SQF Edition 9: Understanding the changes and what to expect

The release of SQF Code Edition 9 will align the code with the latest GFSI benchmarking criteria when audits begin in May 2021. Taking pride of place at the recent SQF Global Conference, the freshly debuted Edition 9 unites the global SQF community of more than 10,000 sites in 40 countries to serve as an […]

Thermal Processing of Food 101: An introduction to Pasteurization

One of the most common ways food manufacturers preserve and ensure the safety of food is through utilizing temperatures to reduce or destroy microbial and/or enzyme activity. In other instances, the application of temperatures can also be used to achieve physical or chemical changes to make food products reach a certain quality or standard. Pasteurization […]

Considerations for Effective Pest Control Management

It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories about pests in food, whether it’s dangerous spiders in bananas or rodents in finished products from chocolate bars to bread. Sadly, when such incidents happen, and things have gone so wrong, it’s not unusual for these individual cases to make headlines and quickly affect so much good work […]

What criteria can you use to risk assess your suppliers?

Enforcement of new legislation such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), and new requirements from GFSI standards such as BRC, has placed increased pressure on food companies to fully know their supply chain. This means that supply chain risk management has become an area of increased attention for food companies in recent years. Other […]