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Start using custom decision trees in your HACCP plans

Some months ago we were reporting that our HACCP module supports customized risk assessment models. At the launch of the new risk assessment models we also introduced customized decision trees but we haven’t really blogged about it before today. When developing a HACCP plan one of the most important tasks alongside risk assessment is to determine whether […]

Customer Success Story: Bakery Express of Central Florida

From time to time we get the chance to visit one of our customers and have a discussion about their experiences with their Safefood 360° food safety management system. We have made four of these stories to date and you can see all of them here. Around the time of the BRC Conference in Orlando […]

Greetings from Anuga Foodtec and BRC Food Safety Americas

The past couple of weeks our team has been busy traveling around Europe and USA as participated in two important food safety and industry events. Anuga Foodtec is the largest European food technology trade show and it takes place only every three years. BRC Food Safety Americas on the other hand is an annual event […]

Safefood 360° opens a portal for software developers

We are extremely pleased to be the first company in our industry to open a public developer portal. This means that any software vendor can now start developing software products that communicate with the Safefood 360° food safety management system or provide integration opportunities between Safefood 360° and another platform such as SAP, Microsoft NAV […]

Record naming has been improved and made editable

Throughout the Safefood 360 software there is an automatic record naming convention in place. And this system has served us well for the past years. However, it was time we took the second step with the naming of records. We’ve changed the naming of records from being based on the record type / module to […]

Major updates to Document Control

We don’t like staying too long in one place and we love to bring new enhancements to our users. One of the major tasks a quality manager needs to work with on a daily basis is the updating and approving of official documents. This week we’re making some major improvements to your ability to control […]

How to work in the Supplier Portal

Have you had the honor of being invited to the Safefood 360° Supplier Portal? Have you perhaps invited some of your suppliers and wanted to have some guidance to share with them? We have now released some resources that help you work inside the portal. What is the Supplier Portal used for? Supplier Portal allows […]

Document folders are now completely flexible

We have great news for those users who love our already powerful Document Control module. Up until now we’ve had a standard set of root level folders in the Document Control module. We’ve now removed this limitation and you are free to organize your documents in any way you prefer. The Document Control is undergoing […]