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October 2021 Food Safety News and Industry Round-up

USA Update FDA host E-Commerce summit in the New Era of Smarter Food Safety Earlier in the month the FDA hosted a summit geared towards e-commerce as part of the continued roll-out of the New Era of Smarter Food Safety.  Taking place over three days, the summit was geared towards aiding the agency in enhancing […]

BRCGS’ Lessons from the pandemic: Non-Conformities and Training

This is the final article in a three-part series about the effect the pandemic had on audits. In our previous articles, we reviewed how audits and the techniques used to run a successful remote or blended audit in the midst of a pandemic were adapted. What was clear with both of these themes was that […]

BRCGS’ Lessons from the Pandemic: Remote Audit Techniques

In part one of this series of articles on lessons the BRCGS learned from the pandemic, we explained what remote audits are and gave you a 9 step plan to help you prepare for them. With this in mind, this installment will cover remote auditing techniques you can use for your site. Using these, it […]

Lessons from the Pandemic: How BRCGS audits adapted

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted our lives and changed so much. It created new challenges, which were immediate, rapid, unknown and constantly changing. The level of disruption was unprecedented, as was the response of the remote audit, with platforms such as Safefood 360° being used at an increased scale. That is because the importance of food […]

Watch on Demand: Best Practices in Operational and GMP Auditing

Hygienic practices are not just critical in the production of safe food, but they are also a primary requirement of regulatory and commercial compliance frameworks globally. Operational audits are a way to demonstrate these practices are being conducted in order to ensure that fundamental and operational standards and practices required for safe and legal food […]

Safefood 360° acquired by LGC

We are pleased to announce that Safefood 360° has been acquired by LGC, an international life science tools business with leading positions in growing markets. LGC provides a range of measurement products and services that underpin the safety, health, and security of the public, including reference materials and proficiency testing, genomics reagents, certification and instrumentation. […]

Webinar: Integrating Management Systems for Food Businesses

ISO Annex L requires individual management systems to maintain a High Level Structure (HLS). In the food industry there now exists a growing trend among many food businesses which recognize that food safety management, while an absolute priority, may no longer be the only management standard that a food business should strive to be adherent […]

Webinar On Demand: Getting to grips with the challenges of remote audits using Safefood 360°

Recent events have created a significant challenge for the global food industry in regard to certification, inspection, and regulation. As external verification through physical auditing and inspection is becoming less practical, the industry has found itself struggling to maintain the certification and inspection framework. Arguably, the industry was not prepared for the challenges of recent months […]

COVID-19 Food Safety Guidance Checklist now available

Interim guidance from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in food manufacturing facilities is now available to all Safefood 360° users as a free-to-access checklist. Unlike other industries, it may not be possible for many involved in food manufacturing to work […]

Webinar: Remain in Control of Food Safety Management while Remote Working

As food businesses change in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, compliance people who are now working remotely must identify new ways of maintaining oversight of their facilities and collaborating with their supplier base. As remote culture becomes adopted on a global scale with unprecedented demand, businesses now face challenges in how best to manage […]