Why Food Safety Systems Fail

Why Food Safety Systems Fail

Food safety management systems frequently fail. We know this…
See the Big Picture in Your Food Safety Management System

How better data will help you see the big picture in your food safety management system

A couple of weeks ago I was in Canada, meeting people and attending…
International Food Safety Framework is Getting More Complex

Food Safety - Falling Between the Cracks

There appears to be an emerging issue regarding the true nature…

US Government shutdown and food safety

Regardless of your political leaning, the recent US Government…
Tired Woman

Why unannounced audits make sense – and how to deal with them

The news that ASDA is to commence unannounced audits on its suppliers…

New feature “Alerts” will keep you updated

For a food business, if there is any silver lining to be found…

Unannounced Audits

‘Is there anybody there?’ said the Traveller, Knocking on…

Where now for HACCP?

Those working in the field of food safety management for any…

Horsing Around – The EU’s response to the horse meat controversy

In my blog last week I highlighted what I believed was…

Where’s the beef?

In the last four weeks Europe has witnessed the most significant…