"I’ve been pushing to make our food safety
management system paper-free and Safefood 360°
has made that possible. In the near future we are going
to expand to all four locations. I love the software!"

Jennifer Turpin
LeeSar & Cooperative Services of Florida

Made my first SQF audit go so smoothly!

Safefood 360° made my first SQF audit go so smoothly, because everything the auditor wanted was just a click away! I am so beyond HAPPY that Safefood 360° has been implemented at Abelei Flavors. The audit made me nervous, but I knew I had a system in place that would ease my stress during the process. Kudos go out to all of you at Safefood 360°.
Lisa Wong
SQF Practitioner / Abelei Flavors

I learned more about food safety management from Safefood 360° software than any training course

I would like to thank all the Safefood 360° team for the amazing software. I can honestly say I have learnt more about food quality management from Safefood 360° than I have from any training course or legislation. The knowledge I have gained while using the software is the primary reason I was successful at being offered the opportunity at my new place of work. As soon as I start I will be looking to see if I can implement the software in to the new company.
John Moreton
Quality Systems Manager / ParkAcre

The guidepost for our achievement of SQF2 certification

The team at Safefood 360° have been our guidepost throughout our preparation for, and achievement of, SQF2 certification. From start to finish, the implementation and roll-out of the solution was handled with the kind of care that made us feel that the Safefood team felt as responsible for our food safety management system as we did. At the end of the day, that meant peace of mind for us here at NPIC. Every obstacle and complication to the adaptation of Safefood 360° was met with swift and courteous responses by the Safefood team. During both our pre-assessment and certification audits, our auditors commented on the tremendous value of the Safefood product given the ease in conducting the audits. This to us was of huge value!
Kevin Knowles
Internal Food Safety & Improvement Auditor / NPIC

Received almost immediate support

I received almost immediate assistance with an issue I had while attempting to save additional information in a report. The quick response allowed me to move forward without delay and also to have a better understanding of the system in general.
Joellen Kamp
Sr. Quality Assistant / DSM Food Specialties

Has saved over $100,000 to date

Safefood 360° has been implemented across all technical and operation functions within our production facility. It was easy to implement, the support was fantastic and the cost benefits were obvious immediately. We have a cost saving of in excess of $100,000 to date and are only just beginning with Training, HR and R&D yet to come online. This is an amazing system that is very versatile across all functions of food manufacture.
Callum Lidicoat
Technical Improvement Coordinator / True Foods

Is it wrong to love a software program?

Is it wrong to love a software program? I catch myself sneaking into my study late at night, just to spend more time with Safefood 360˚. The customer support is incredible, we feel like we have a new partner in our company.
Phil Crisler
QA & Regulatory Compliance Manager / Bakery Express of Central Florida

Has saved 30% time and cut consulting costs by 60%

In the past significant time was expended simply searching for records, developing plans, updating forms and documents and generating reports. The estimated time saving is about 30% since the system is now fully up and running. Another area where significant benefits have been gained is in external consulting costs. We have reduced this cost by 60%.
Padraig McEneaney
Managing Director / Celtic Pure Ltd.

Corner stone of our food safety management system

Our experience with the software has exceeded our expectations and it is now the corner stone of our food safety management system. It makes food safety management easier and FUN!
Pukar Patel
Technical Manager / Santa Monica Seafood

It's a paper-free food safety management system

I’ve been pushing to make our food safety management system paper-free and Safefood 360° has made that possible. In the near future we are going to expand to all four locations. I love the software!
Jennifer Turpin
Quality Assurance Manager / LeeSar & Cooperative Services of Florida

Fast and effective way to manage food safety

Safefood 360˚ is a fast and effective way to manage food safety. The software is well designed, easy to use and back up support is always available if required. It has made going paperless much more easy.
Brian Walsh
Quality Manager / Celtic Pure, Ltd.

All programs are neatly organized in one place

Safefood 360˚ simplifies the management of your food safety programs. All programs are neatly organized in one place, and the workflow ensures that nothing falls between the cracks.
Marshall Gourley
Plant Sanitarian / Schwebel Baking Company

Designed by food safety professionals for food safety professionals

Safefood 360˚ is designed by food safety professionals for food safety professionals. The software is invaluable for our quality assurance and food safety program for documentating traceability. The support team has been extremely responsive to our needs and they practice continuous improvement every day.
Dwayne Eymard
VP of Quality Assurance & Safety / Diversified Foods

FDA approved electronic signature saves us time and money

The FDA approved electronic signature has saved us time and money with every single audit. Safefood 360˚ has allowed us to set ourselves apart by showing true verification and not forged documents as I have seen in other companies.
Brad Theobald
QA/QC Specialist / Santa Monica Seafoods

Some of the best customer service around

Safefood 360˚ has some of the best customer service around. We were wondering how we’d keep our quick response time AND document all of our actions including document changes. Then we found Safefood 360˚.
Michelle Zimmermann
Plant Environmentalist / Alvarado Street Bakery

Some of the best technical support

Safefood 360° offers some of the best technical support, it’s fast and always dependable
E. Vizcarra
Plant Manager / Stahmanns, Inc.

By far the best customer service

I work with many 3rd party vendors and Safefood 360˚ by far provides the best customer service in terms of response time and time to resolution. Safefood 360˚ was also the easiest system implementation I have ever done.
Beth Latchis
Senior Programmer / King Arthur Flour

It has helped us save time

It has allowed us to streamline our audits and spend less time hunting for documents or records, which gives us more time to address the needs of our customers.
Jerry Stoecklein

With Safefood 360˚ we are always up-to-date

With Safefood 360˚ we are always up-to-date with our food standards. And their support is quick and competent.
Tilmann Seipp
Quality Manager / Dreher Stockach

Safefood 360˚ has made my life easier for sure

If you are a small to medium sized company researching for food safety management software you will soon be disappointed to find they are usually designed to run huge companies, they are often costly and nearly impossible to customize. Sound familiar? We were like this until we found Safefood 360˚ which sounded too good to be true. I urge you to see the product demo and see for yourself! Safefood 360˚ has made my life easier for sure!
Joe Dube
SQF Practitioner / King Arthur Flour

Mobile, paperless and designed according to industry requirements

At Da Vinci we manage our quality assurance system proudly with Safefood 360˚. The software is mobile, paperless and well designed according to industry requirements. With Safefood 360˚ you are not missing any aspects of food safety management and all tasks will be performed on time. On top of technical values and simplicity, fantastic global customer support has been motivating us to continue our cooperation with Safefood 360˚. Great thanks to all teams in Australia, US and Ireland!
Marty Zare
Quality Manager / Da Vinci Foods

The software is continuously evolving

Safefood 360˚ is continuously evolving to meet the ever changing needs of the customer. Also, the superb customer service representatives and informative monthly email updates make this a must have tool for anyone in the business.
Carrie Barrett
Production and Distribution Coordinator / Mountain Mist Bottled Water

Helps prepare students for a career in food safety

Safefood 360˚ is simply amazing. Your software has been an essential tool for my students who are studying and learning to develop HACCP plans. For them this experience is invaluable. Thank You for providing an innovative software that will help prepare my students for a career in food safety.
Tamekia Broughton
Food Safety Program Coordinator / Delaware Technical Community College

It has made communication easier

Safefood 360˚ has been a fantastic addition for us. It makes capturing information and data easy. Everything is kept in one place which has really made communicating, documenting, and sharing information much more effective.
Matthew Barton
HACCP Coordinator / Ellison Bakery

The software guarantees everything gets done on time

Safefood 360˚ is helping us to run a much tighter food safety program with no “holes”. The workflow for setting up a procedure or program ensures that every GFSi requirement is taken care of along the way, such as supplier approval, risk assessment, training and all documentation and aspects related to that specific procedure or program. Also the capability to schedule tasks guarantees all of them are performed in a timely manner, keeping all bases covered.
Antonio Restrepo
Food Safety Administrator / L&M Companies

They were very impressed with the user friendliness and the functionality

I actually audited a vendor of ours last week and they should be contacting you all this week for more info. They were very impressed with the user friendliness and the functionality of Safefood 360˚. Everyone here loves it too and your customer service is outstanding!
Lynn Buck

I would highly recommend this program to anyone

This program has absolutely revolutionized my record keeping, food safety monitoring, HACCP management, GMP/SOP maintenance, maintenance tracking, and training of all employees. Additionally, every time I have a request for assistance the tech support staff at SF360 have my request answered immediately or they at the very least let me know how long it will take. I would highly recommend this program to anyone that wants to make food safety management easier and much more robust. If nothing else this will make your third party audits far less cumbersome.
Benjamin Wild
Quality Manager / Montana Milling, Inc.

Quick response to any requests

Safefood 360˚ has been helpful in organizing and monitoring our food safety efforts . We are new users, and for us the most important feature has been the quick response to any customization requests. That has helped make the software more useful for everyone that uses it at our facility.
Andrew Pandol
Safety Manager / Pandol Brothers, Inc.

Geared better at food manufacturing than other solutions

We are currently going through SQF Certification and our auditor found the program very useful. I have used other software programs in the past, but Safefood 360˚ is far better geared towards the food manufacturing industry. I find it to be a fantastic software tool for managing our Quality and Food Safety Programs.
Javier Soliz
Quality Assurance Manager and SQF Practitioner / Stahmanns, Inc.

FDA were impressed with the software

I had our surprise FDA inspection the other week. They were so impressed with the software and our HACCP program, etc. It was a Safefood 360° score!
Jessica Talley

It makes the job much easier

Safefood 360° has been to Baldor a tremendous help in the organization and administration of our SQF and HACCP programs. The support from Safefood 360° has been very responsive to our questions and needs. Overall, it is a well thought out system that makes the job of providing safe quality food much easier to manage and maintain. Thank you Safefood 360° – keep up the good work!
Alan Butzbach
Director of QA/QC/HACCP / Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc.

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